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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Equifax vs CreditKarma

Equifax offers one free credit report per year. They also offer a variety of products to purchase; such as Score Tracker for example. 

If you purchase the Score Tracker, you will be given your Fico Score and credit report - along with one free update within the year. (At $14.95 per month, not worth it for me.) 

Even though it does alert you of activity on your account and score changes, sometimes in a timely manner and sometimes not. 

The Fico Score they gave me was approximately 100 points lower than my Vantage Score. (which CreditKarma uses)

And if you DISPUTE any items on your credit report through Equifax, they will knock points off of your credit score for that, as well. They will move the "negative" remarks/section to your "OPEN" accounts - making it appear as though you have more open accounts than you actually have. 

Equifax allows items to stay on your report for longer than 7 years. If it's been 7+ years and you're waiting for thing(s) to fall off of your report, Good Luck! As Equifax will allow them to stay on there 8-10 years. 

CreditKarma gives FREE weekly updates of both Equifax and TransUnion scores AND credit reports on each one. 

Yes, it is the Vantage Score, but it is much more accurate than the Fico score, as it doesn't look at those things that are 7+ years old! 

I use/prefer CreditKarma regularly and always will. 

Thanks to CreditKarma recommendations, I now have 2 new major Credit Cards and a few new Store Credit Cards. 

CreditKarma lets you know your Approval Odds on credit cards, etc., before you apply.

They also have many reviews on most of the cards there, you can read what consumers are saying and decide for yourself if you want to apply or not. 

They also give you recommendations (and Approval Odds) on other things such as personal loans, Auto Loans, Home Mortgages, etc. (I've not used any of those.)

Two thumbs up for CreditKarma.

Two thumbs down for Equifax.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Spring Vox Box Reviews

I have received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster

So now on to the Reviews for these products.

Rimmel Mascara -
Does exactly as they describe and advertise. No clumping, fans out your lashes - I love it. Great product and at a great price.

Soft Cube Lips -
At first I thought this was a lip gloss. But this is a lip conditioner. It has sun screen, to prevent your lips from getting sun burned, etc. and to keep them hydrated and moist.
Works great, another great product at a great price.

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance - Playtex has always been my choice of tampons and they never cease to amaze me at the improvements they are steady making. Always worth the money.

That's all I'll say on that subject since I'm sure there are probably men and children that read my blog.

Nivea firming - Could tell almost immediate results - after the 1st use! Was quite impressed, to say the least.
I do wish this came in different scents (like cherry, etc. would be nice)

But I'm not complaining at all. The product does exactly as it advertises that it will, and it is worth what you pay for it.

Ever Lasting French Nails -
1) Glue was too thin, which made it a mess from the word go.
2) The Nails "look cheap" and do not look like you just got back from salon.
(I would not purchase this item)

I'm sorry I can not give it a better review.

Pecan Pie Car Freshener from the Labor Day Movie -

I put this this in my husbands work truck (since his needed it.. lol) Works great! Almost immediately freshened it up!