Thursday, September 10, 2015

Unilever Let's Get Dinner Done Sweepstakes and Instant Win

Sweepstakes Grand Prize
(1) A kitchen makeover, awarded as a $15,000 check.

Instant Win Prizes
(5) A mini food-processor. (ARV $50)
(5) A bake ware set. (ARV $40)
(5) A 7-quart Dutch oven. (ARV $40)
(10) A 4-cup French press. (ARV $30)
(20) A kitchen utensil set. (ARV $20)
(20) A cutting board set. (ARV $22)
(50) A $25.00 gift card.
(50) A set of 2 liquid measuring cups. (ARV $18)
(50) A set of 3 mixing bowls. (ARV $25)
(75) A set of 4 stainless steel dry measuring cups. (ARV $10)
(75) A set of 2 trivets. (ARV $10)

Limit ONE Instant Win Prize Per Person

Click Here To Enter

*18+ US
*Enter 1 Time Per Person, Per Day
*Expires 12-30-2015

Good Luck!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Send me info on your Blog Giveaways

It has been a while since I've posted on this blog (til recently.)

Now that I have much free time and am able to blog again, I'm ready to get back into it full force! 

One thing I did notice, on my "Contact Us" page - was an old email (that I don't even remember the password to!) 
So it's no telling how many people could've tried to email me (from the Contact Page) over the past year and I didn't even know it! 

I have removed the "Contact Us" Page and have added a Contact Form to the side bar which will come straight to my address that I check regularly. 

I'm also hoping (& willing) to list more Blog Giveaways, so if you are a blogger who runs Giveaways please contact me with all of your info. 

Thank You! 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Vote For Twix Sweepstakes And Instant Win

Everyone loves Twix! And they have some great prizes they are giving away! 

You can enter every day. So go ahead - here it is!

Grand Prize (1) $100,000 
Instant Win Prizes:
(400,000) MP3 song download
(ARV .99 - $1.29 each) 
(100,000) A coupon redeemable for 1 package of TWIX Cookie Bars (ARV $1.49)
(5) Game Prizes per person during the Game Period. 
*13+ years old to enter
*One entry per person per day
*Expires 12-31-15

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

UPtv Father's Day Sweepstakes

Great Father's Day Sweepstakes to enter!

UPtv Father's Day Giveaway

(50) Prize winners will each receive 3 DVD's:
"Secrets at Arrow Lake"
"The Measure of a Man"
"One Hit From Home"

(ARV of each Prize Pack is $38.97)

Click Here To Enter

* 18+ USA Only
* Limit one entry per person during promotion period
* Expires 6-30-2014

Good Luck!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Dairy Queen and Dial Sweepstakes

Two Great Summer Summer Sweepstakes to Enter Daily!

Dairy Queen - S'More Song Sweepstakes

(10) Prize Winners each week will receive a $25 Dairy Queen Gift Card

* 18+ US and Canada
* Limit one entry per person per day
* Expires 7-24-2014

Click Here To Enter

Dial - Summer of Soap Sweepstakes

(1) Grand Prize Winner will receive 4 tickets to Prize Police on E!
Includes Round Trip Air Fare, 2 Hotel Accommodations for 3 Days/2 Nights, Rental Car and $250 Cash. (ARV $4,000)

(50) First Prize winners will randomly be selected to receive a year's supply of Dial Body Wash or Bar Soap (ARV $48 each)

* 18+ USA Only
* Limit one entry per person per day
* Expires 7-31-2014

Click Here To Enter

Good Luck!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Kraft Instant Win Sweepstakes

Lots of Prizes!

Kraft - Powdered Beverage Scale Instant Win Game

(1) Grand Prize: A Check for $50,000 (to go towards backyard makeover), Skype consultation with licensed contractor from HGTV.
1 year supply of Powdered Beverages, (20 Crystal Light Coupons, 20 Kool-Aid Coupons, 20 Tang Coupons, 20 Country Time Coupons)
A Beverage kit which includes a Pitcher, Spoons, Glassware, Serving Tray and a Beverage Dispenser
(ARV $50,614)

(3) First Prizes:
(1) "Movie Theater Prize" - An indoor/outdoor Movie Theater and 1 year of Powdered Beverages. (ARV $4,300)
(1) "Sound System Prize" - A Sono sound system and 1 year of Powdered Beverages. (ARV $4,300)
(1) "Outdoor Furniture Set" - Winner's choice of a furniture set or a check for $4,000 and a year supply of Powdered Beverages. (ARV $4,300)

(15) Second Prizes:
(3) "Beverage Kits" - Includes Pitcher, Spoon, Glassware, Serving Tray, and Beverage Dispenser. (ARV $314)
(3) "Powdered Beverage" - 1 year supply of Powdered Beverages. (ARV $300)
(3) "Speaker" - A Jambox Wireless Speaker. (ARV $300)
(3) "Game Set" - A Large Outdoor Chess Set. (ARV $300)
(3) "BBQ" - A BBQ Grill (ARV $300)

* 18+ USA only
* Limit one entry per person per day
* Expires 8-25-2014

Click Here To Enter

Good Luck!